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Pixelator Parameters

An overview of all parameters available in the nf-core/pixelator pipeline can be viewed in the parameters documentation on

Each parameter is grouped into sections depending if affects the input/output or a certain step of the nf-core/pixelator pipeline.

nf-core Pixelator input parameter

There is already substantial information about the parameter, if it is required or not, the type it is expecting for that parameter. However, if you are not sure what a certain parameter means, you can sometimes click in the "Help text" button and a window with extended description will show up.

nf-core Pixelator input parameter with help

We have tried to be reasonable with the choice of parameter names and their default values from historical data when developing our products. With the default set of parameter values, your MPX experiments will likely generate good data to analyze. But if you are still not sure about their use or what could work best for your particular experiment, contact our excellent Support team.